Terms of Service

We're here to keep you well supplied in tasty local veggies grown on our farm. Our focus is on good food and getting you the best of what our farm has to offer. Each order or subscription is a commitment between you and the farm. We are committing to provide you with veggies, in return for your payment for product. As of Monday midnight all orders are considered final, we will harvest and deliver and payment will be processed to the card on file.

Here's the fine print details:

Your contact at the farm is Heather, and I monitor emails regularly at I'm the boots on the ground if we need to troubleshoot your share from pack line to pickup. If you're collecting from a host pick-up location, please direct any questions back to the farm - the hosts don't have any answers for you, all they provide is a spot to stash the veggies. For delivery day dilemmas, my cell is (613) 970-5034 and text is easiest, I'll reply when I make my next stop on the road ;)