Would you like to join us to eat fresh from the farm year round?

1) Do you have an account in our web portal yet? That's the first step to eating with us, and required before you place an order. There's a little white person in the green bar above, top right corner. If you click on it you'll see your name if you're logged in and you're good to continue. Use the button to log in if not, or to create an account you can register here:

2) Have you tried a custom order? We suggest you start by trying a few custom orders first, to get the hang of things before subscribing. You can place an individual custom order any weekend here: If ordering isn't currently open, there's a message at the top to tell you when it will be. Typically it is always open noon Fridays till 8am Mondays the weekend before we deliver. This will also help you find the most convenient spot to collect, decide what value of veggies (size membership) you'd like regularly, and be comfortable with our online system.

3) Join us as a CSA member and subscribe for veggies! My name is Heather and on behalf of our farm team I'd like to take a moment to welcome you to our farm's vegetable subscription program. This is where you "sign-up" for us to create an order full of veggies for you year round. Here's the details of what you need to know, please review them.

By becoming a member you'll be able to enjoy the tastiness year round. We harvest weekly in summer and fall, monthly in the winter and every other week in spring. It's called community supported agriculture (CSA) because by signing up for a regular supply of veggies you are directly supporting our little farm so we can in turn feed our community. Members get fresh pick of the gardens, and access to the full diversity of vegetables we grow. Season by season we work to improve production of our most popular crops and maintain a wide selection to choose from to keep your kitchen inspired week by week.  Each year is different, each year some crops thrive more than others. We can't promise exactly what you'll get and when but we've planned for a bounty! We're here to keep you well fed, you'll hear from me each delivery with stories from the farm and veggie updates.

Subscriptions, or memberships, are for those who want us to create an order for you every time we're delivering to location. Most of our veggies go out to pick up locations throughout Prince Edward County, around the Bay of Quinte, and in Toronto along Bloor street from the Junction to the DVP, then out Danforth to the Beaches. We also have a few home delivery routes in select areas that operate in winter only. You can always put a hold on your account if you don't want veggies between specific dates from winter travels to enjoying your own garden peak summer. Each order you'll get the list of what we're thinking of packing for you (farmer's choice of the bounty of the gardens) and you'll have the weekend to edit your order, add in extras or take out something you don't want. We want to get you the veggies you'll enjoy the most each week!


Our farm runs year-round, over the years we have fine tuned our winter storage and unheated greenhouses for year-round production. We harvest weekly in summer and fall, monthly in the winter and every other week in spring. We'll continue delivering through the seasons. You can interrupt deliveries by placing a hold (just give us the dates you don't want veggies and we'll pause our deliveries), you cancel an individual order, or you can cancel your subscription. Till one of those three things happens we'll keep feeding you :)

We are currently in our winter season packing orders once a month. Our winter 2023/24 orders will go out November 8 & 9, December 6 & 7, January 10 & 11, February 7 & 8 and March 6 & 7.

How many and how much?

We offer two sizes of memberships, small and regular sizes. You'll see both options at the bottom of this page, and more details when you click on either like the default fill values and how many different veggies to expect each order.

Where can I get veggies?

We have pick up locations around the Bay of Quinte, as well as in Toronto along Bloor Street from the Junction to the DVP, and along Danforth Ave from the DVP to the Beach. Here's a little map for a quick guide, and there's a text drop down menu a bit further down to help you too which shows the full pick up details. Note the day of the week is also visible on the right, some are Wednesdays and some are Thursdays. You can change the location for any individual order if you're moving around, or you can change the default location for future orders anytime too.

We also have home delivery routes that run in winter (monthly boxes only). On Wednesdays is the Toronto Danforth Ave. route. Thursday is the Belleville and Toronto Bloor route from the Junction along Bloor to the Annex. Home delivery is an additional fee, available in winter only.

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